Clif Bar
Working with Clif Bar was a dream. I was the Executive Creative Director, Art Director, Photographer, and Director from new-product launches to social-content creation.
Do You Adventure?
The challenge: Get people to have an adventure despite being glued to their phones and addicted to likes. The solve: Create a social-only choose your own adventure quiz—because in the age of BuzzFeed, give the people what they want. 
The campaign started with a film for YouTube that used their annotation feature to make it super interactive. In the first week alone, the unique film had over 3 million views. Even better: The average engagement time was over 7 mins, a stat that made the team at Google do a double take since they claimed they had never seen piece of branded content perform so well.
Instagram Adventure Quiz
Next we used beautiful imagery and the power of curiosity on Instagram to quiz the Clif Bar community on their knowledge of the outdoors. The goal was to inspire wanderlust and the desire to adventure to find the answers in real life. 
From "What is the deepest lake in North America?" to "Where are the best wave breaks in Mexico?" we changed the passive experience of social media into a true interactive adventure.
CLIF Bar Packaging
When Gary Erickson created CLIF Bar in his parents’ garage, he didn’t have money for advertising. What he did have was a great energy bar, and the time to get out there, sample bars, meet people, and share CLIF adventures. I took Gary Erickson’s style of grassroots marketing to heart and redesigned the backside of CLIF bar packages with adventure thought-starters to remind others to get out there, meet people, and share CLIF adventures—because sometimes the only thing standing between you and some serious fun is a little encouragement. 
The idea made the jump from just packaging to social as well, encouraging people to always feed their adventure.
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