Clif Bar Nut Butter Filled Launch
When Clif Bar decided to put nut butter into an energy bar, the opportunity was big, but they needed someone to vouch for them that the bar was delicious. The energy-bar category is crowded, so if Clif wanted a new audience to choose their new Nut Butter Bar over a competitor bar, they needed to tap into the power of expertise and influence. To do this, we turned to the ultimate authority in nuts: the humble squirrel.
By using humor across television and social media in the launch creative, this new product stood out in a category that can often look and feel the same to new consumers.
After the launch, we created additional social content highlighting what was really inside a Nut Butter Clif bar. Beyond the standard cross-section money shot, we built adventure-filled sets using real ingredients from the actual bar and showed scale figures fueling their adventure with nut butter.
I was the Art Director, Executive Creative Director, and Director for this project.
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