Naughty Volvo
The All-New S60 is not the sort of car you expect from Volvo.
Sure, it’s jam-packed with of state-of-the-art safety innovation—it’s a Volvo, after all. But it’s also got a hot new design, a completely re-engineered, sport-tuned chassis, and a turbocharged T6 that delivers 300 hp, and 325 lb-ft of torque. It’s sexier, racier—more powerful and dynamic than any Volvo ever made. It’s everything Volvo’s ever been, and it’s up for a little mischief, too.
It’s the Naughty Volvo.
For the global launch of the Volvo S60, we invited Volvo enthusiasts to participate in the campaign and let us know just how naughty they wanted it.
To inspire those enthusiasts, we enlisted the help of Scott Weintrob, Director of the BBC Top Gear series. Scott Weintrob recruited professional racer and stunt driver Ben Collins (who may or may not be “The Stig”), and we all trekked off to the Volvo Proving Grounds, in the remote forests of Hällered, Sweden. Inspired by the rigorous testing Volvo is known for, we created a series of online films featuring the S60 performing three standard track tests with increasingly naughty twists.
On the eve of the Global Launch, we seeded levels 1, 2, and 3 of our Naughty Volvo Films on the Volvo Facebook fan page and on YouTube. The films directed users to, where they were invited to submit their own creative suggestions for an even naughtier 4th level, which would be filmed for the release of the Volvo S60.
In the weeks that followed, users posted hundreds of their own Naughty ideas to the Volvo Facebook page, and an article on prompted a slew more. Some were inspired, most were downright bananas, and yes, a few were critical. But one thing’s for sure: Naughty Volvo had started a conversation.
After getting feedback from the Volvo community, we traded in the snow of Sweden in January for the heat of the Mojave Desert and Port of Los Angeles in May. We took all the feedback from the Volvo community and added Level 4s to our original tests and added one more new test with 4 levels. We even added in the new Volvo V60 sports wagon.
Global Commercials
Out of the 12 original films we cut a television and cinema commercials for global use.
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