Stanley—the ultimate at keeping things hot, cold and protected—is an iconic brand that I feel lucky to have helped refresh and revitalize over a few years. I was the Art Director, Executive Creative Director, and Director for the work below. 
The Best Gear for the Worst in Everyone
Stanley's products have a squeaky-clean rep, but if you think about it, Stanley often plays a role in protecting your vices on-the-go or in the wild. Might be coffee, might be booze, but rarely is anyone putting organic green juice in a Stanley pint cup. Maybe just once.
So we decided to show Stanley products in their natural environment: a camping party on the beach. I spent 14 hours shooting a group of friends having fun and getting wild on the bank of the Columbia River, took two days to edit, and had the finished creative live in time for the weekend—aka prime Stanley time.
Stanleyness Father's Day
Who deserves hot coffee more than dad? Other than maybe mom, no one. So, for Father's Day we decided to celebrate and give some love to the new dads in the world. We created a “Dad Pack” and delivered them to hospitals as a gift to give each new dad. The pack had a custom onesie for baby and a Stanley thermos for Dad that was sure to get a lot of use in those first few sleepless weeks. 
Leading up to Father's Day, we created a series of social ads reminding kids that every dad deserves a Stanley, and in-store posters and social celebrating Dads and coining the word “Stanleyness” to capture all ways Dads teach us to be strong, tough, and rugged on the outside, but warm on the inside. 
Show Some Respect
The foodie movement is officially mainstream. Craft beer, craft cocktails, craft coffee, craft everything. A lot of work now goes into that morning coffee or afternoon beer, so a paper cup no longer cuts it. I shot the creation process for three craft brands to remind all of us foodies out there to show the end product a little respect and put it in a Stanley. 
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