Volkswagen Drivers Wanted
I had the luck to be able to cut my teeth on Arnold's "Drivers Wanted" campaign for Volkswagen. I got a chance to work and learn from some of the best creatives in the industry, doing some of the best creative work. Not shown is the months spent on sets learning how to photograph cars, the weeks spent shooting running footage, the piles of newspaper ads, dealership kits, brochures, or 360 campaigns.
This account was my grad school.
Volkswagen Phaeton
Television commercial for the very not-so-successful Volkswagen Phaeton. Now sold as a very successful Bentley in the United States.
New Yorker Cartoon Edition gatefold spread
Passat 120 not so standard features
1/8th Page ads lead up to full page ad for the New Passat. We gave each of the 120 not so standard features it's own mini ad.
Volkswagen Beetle "Round for a Reason" 
Like most things German there is a reason for the Beetle's shape.
Volkswagen "Drive it. You'll get it" 
A couple of spots from the campaign.
Volkswagen iPod Zine
Buy a limited edition Volkswagen Beetle and it came with an iPod. This was the "user manual" that you received with the car. Steve Jobs did not get it. The zine won a bunch of awards including a few One Show Pencils. So I guess that you cannot always be right.
Golf CL 
Newspaper campaign for the Golf CL. Basically a stripped down Volkswagen Golf only sold in Canada. 
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