Volvo North American
Volvos are a different kind of luxury car. Other luxury brands can focus primarily on the badge or the new shiny object, but Volvo stays focused on what’s on the inside and the driver’s experience. After market research across the US, interviewing Volvo, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes drivers, we learned that the people who drive Volvos are different, too.
We used that insight to create a campaign that pushed off the normal notions of luxury cars and their drivers. Through television, out of home, social, and an in-dealership promo event that put the Volvo S60 up against its biggest competitor, the Audi A4, we made sure consumers knew that Volvo was a different kind of luxury.
We started off with two television spots for the Volvo XC60, and followed that up with some simple pre-roll that reminded people today’s Volvo S60 is not your parents’ Volvo. In OOH, and then even further in social, we pushed off luxury stereotypes to connect deeply with people who don’t connect with traditional luxury. Finally we gave the Volvo S60 some real muscle and heart by marrying a 10th-century story, a Swedish performance car, a sweet surprise, and a custom music track by Laura Gibson.
This campaign delivered a 48% lift in brand consideration for Volvo among luxury shoppers, and the promo event led to the first month in over 3 years where the Volvo S60 outsold the Audi A4.

"Little Red" commercial for the Volvo S60 R-Design

Volvo S60 vs Audi A4 Challenge
Through market research, we knew that the Audi A4 buyer had a similar mindset to a Volvo consumer. We just needed to get that buyer to notice that there was another option out on the road. We developed a simple challenge to consumers: Test drive a Volvo S60 and an Audi A4. If you buy an Audi A4, the first month's payment is on us.
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