Volvo V60 Launch
Like many people, I had been waiting for years for the day when Volvo would bring the wagon back to the US market. The wagon is the perfectly functional, fun, quirky car for this functional, fun, quirky brand. Even if people didn’t know it, I knew I wasn’t alone waiting for the Volvo wagon to come back.
So we tapped into this cultural insight and created films for social and digital ads that both celebrated the return of this iconic model and showed that while it might look iconic, it was not antiquated. This wagon allows you to live and work the way you want—no matter the terrain or cargo.  
I was the Creative Director, Art Director, and Director for this campaign.

Volvo V60 Wagner Customs

Volvo V60 Tallulah

Volvo V60 Westerland

Volvo V60 Jacob Palmborg

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